VIP Membership Agreement


This 1 Year VIP Subscription is a loyalty program that provides exclusive benefits, in addition to other benefits, 0% interest on regular for 6 months and special promotions for VIPs only for a monthly fee.

Please read the Program Terms carefully, and keep copies for your reference and check online from time to time to review the current version, as it is legally binding and govern the relationship between you and us with respect to the VIP Membership.


H-Authentica VIP Membership is a membership that allows Members to enjoy the following benefits for a monthly fee for 1 year: 

-Access to our VIP group
-0% Interest for 6 months all items
-0% Interest for 12 months for ongoing promos with a minimum purchase of $500
-First access to all new arrivals
-Exclusive promos
-Up to 24 months of in-house financing on some brands or items



H-Authentica VIP Membership is a continuous service, monthly membership program. Your initial monthly membership period begins on the date you sign up and submit all your requirements as a VIP Member, and each following membership period begins on the same calendar day that you signed up.

The VIP Membership fee for each monthly membership period is $14.99/month plus tax. VIP Membership fees are taxable to the VIP Member where required by law. The fee will be automatically charged/debited by us H-Authentica Inc. to your automatic payment authorization on your preferred date. Once your VIP subscription commences, you can no longer cancel the membership until you have fully paid off the purchased items with VIP terms. The membership is subject to auto renewal after 12 months. If you need us to adjust the dates of your payments or cancel the auto-renewal, you may send an email to 1 week before the renewal date.


A valid photo identification card, void cheque, and credit card are required for VIP Membership. When entering your name at sign up for the VIP Membership, please keep in mind that your name on our records for membership must exactly match your name on the photo ID you plan on using in connection with your VIP Membership. For an ID to be considered valid, it must be issued by a government and include your full name, date of birth and photo, address. Identification cards not meeting these qualifications, electronic or photocopies, or those issued by a private corporation are not acceptable.

You must also have an e-mail account, the ability to receive communications by e-mail, and have consented to receive such communications. You are required to provide us with an e-mail address that we can use to communicate with you regarding your Membership, and you agree to immediately notify us of any change in your email address.

VIP Memberships are non-transferable. VIP Memberships are intended for individual use only, and are not available to organizations, legal entities or groups such as without limitation to businesses, non-profits, or similar. 


By signing up for the VIP Membership, you authorize H-Authentica to initiate automatic charges/debits to the credit card or debit card ("Payment Method") information provided to us in connection with your VIP Membership to pay the VIP Membership fee due for each membership period and any other amounts you may owe us. H-Authentica uses a third-party processor to process such payments, and by being a VIP Member, you authorize H-Authentica’s third-party service providers to process the payments.  

Charges/debits will be made to the Payment Method on or after the first day of each membership period in the amount of your $14.99 plus tax VIP Membership fee for the 1 year membership period. You are responsible for updating your Payment Method, including any change in your account number or payment card expiration date. If you have more than one Payment Method on file, we may charge/debit any such Payment Method.

The VIP Membership is based on authorization of automatic payments by the Payment Method you choose. Accordingly, automatic payment authorization will continue until cancelled by you or us.

If a charge/debit is returned unpaid or fails for any reason, we may in our sole discretion and upon notice sent to you by e-mail charge you with an NSF of $50 that must be settled ASAP to avoid any further charges.


You expressly agree that membership in the VIP Membership program is at your sole risk. Neither H-Authentica, its affiliates, nor any of their officers, directors, employees, agents, third-party content providers, service providers, or licensors (collectively, “Providers”), or the like, warrant that this Program will be uninterrupted or error-free; nor do they make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from membership in the Program, or as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, or currency of its content. Program content may contain errors, omissions, inaccuracies, or outdated information. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach us at